Hands on experiences are more fun!

Every child learns differently. Some children can learn a concept the first time that it is taught to them. Others need extra help to understand the concept. That is where I come in. I create hands on activities to help children see first hand what they are learning about. 
Concepts such as phonological awareness or number meaning and recognition may be difficult for some children to understand. By using and playing with the games that I create, not only am I reinforcing the learning process but the children are having fun while they are learning. 

My shop contains a multitude of learning activities from fine motor to large motor and every thing in-between. There are also some wonderful dramatic play activities as well. 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions. All of the activities  an be customized to you, your classroom or your child. 

Ask about items for fundraising, raffles, etc. special discounted pricing will be given for these items. Contact me to find out how!!!!

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